This explores the concept of ferry-oriented development (FOD).  FOD was first mentioned by Cervero et al. (2004) in reference to the successful transformation of Hoboken and Port Imperial from former industrial sites along New Jersey’s Hudson River to waterfront redevelopment projects nestled around ferry terminals.

While this ability to spur economic and residential development of waterfront areas may be considered as one of the main benefits of FOD, the potential outcomes of FOD are not clearly understood. Therefore, a comprehensive investigation is needed to better understand the potential outcomes of FOD.   
The overarching research question this project will seek to respond to is ‘How is successful FOD achieved?’. To further probe into the overarching research question, 3 secondary research questions will be answered.

  1. RQ1a. What is FOD?
  2. RQ1b. What is the relationship between linear ferry terminals, economic development and FOD?
  3. RQ1c. To what extent are linear ferry terminals stimulating economic development?

Funding: Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)
Advisors: Prof Neil SipeDr Derlie Mateo-Babiano

Project members

Alicia Ames

Alicia AMES

PhD candidate