The Indonesian Government has set several medium-term targets for power generation capacity and renewable energy supply that are intended to support the sustainable growth and transition of the country’s energy sector. But a number of factors serve as major constraints to energy sector reform in Indonesia. These include the monopolised nature of the electricity sector, strong and rigid control of the state on the power sector, underinvestment in new power generation capacity particularly by the private sector, substantial fossil fuel subsidies, and limited institutional capacity. These factors serve to constrain the effectiveness of Indonesia’s current energy transition policies.

My research aims to create a framework through which the achievability and effectiveness of various Indonesian energy policy options that favours private sector investment to achieve the renewable energy target can be assessed. The framework will be based on the dimensions of the so-called energy trilemma: energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability.

Funding: Australia Award

Advisors: Assoc Prof Paul Dargusch, Prof Peta Ashworth

Project members

Martha Maulidia


PhD candidate - Conferred October 2019