This PhD project is part of a significant ARC funded study that will examine the consequences of large-scale deforestation and quantify the role of reforestation in climate change mitigation strategies. Building on innovations arising from preceding tasks in that study, this project is the first step in the integration of those advances into regional and global strategies for mitigating undesirable climate change outcomes. It will form the basis for the incorporation of the quantified impacts of deforestation and restoration activities into region-specific land use planning and climate mitigation and climate adaptation strategies.

This will be accomplished via an economic analysis of the opportunity and marginal costs associated with different land use pathways in Borneo and North Queensland. The project outcomes will allow decision-makers in the study areas to better appreciate the regional and global implications of different development and environmental strategies relating to forest protection and restoration, agricultural production, ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation.

Advisors: Associate Professor Paul Dargusch

Project members

Loni Finau


PhD candidate