(Please note:  Dr Halog is unable to accept applications from new Master of Philosophy and PhD students until late 2017)

Bioenergy is expected to be an important part of the low-carbon energy supply in the future.  Besides techno-economic analysis, rigorous assessment of environmental and social impacts of large-scale deployment of bioenergy is needed to ensure its sustainability. This project will focus on developing a spatially and temporally explicit systems model for producing aviation fuels in Australia from possible feedstocks - microalgae, pongamia pinnata, and sugarcane. This will cover a wide range of bioenergy pathways both for transport use and electricity/heat production, with particular emphasis on carbon and water footprints, impact on human health and ecosystems, and economic costs. Uncertainties from various sources will also be dealt with explicitly. Applicants should have a background in Engineering, Mathematics, Physical and Environmental Studies. Experience in numerical modelling using tools such as Matlab, spatial analysis using GIS software or life cycle analysis is highly desirable though not essential.

Contact: Dr Anthony Halog