This research topic will focus on the dynamic simulation of urban space and land use change. A number of target cities are selected globally, and urban land use information is extracted through multi-temporal remote sensing images. Stack these information of one city in chronological order to form the development model of urban space, namely urban tree, which can trace the origin of urban space downward and predict the trend of land expansion upward. These urban trees are classified into several types according to the edge curve, so as to summarize the space development rules and deduce the future expansion modes of each type. And then, select one city from each type of urban trees as a typical example, and establish an extended cellular automaton model based on geographical feature to dynamically simulate the land use transformation during the process of urban development, recognizing and understanding the internal evolution mechanism of land use pattern in different types of cities, which will then provide decision support for urban development.

Funding: China Scholarship Council

Advisors: Associate Professor Yan Liu, Professor Jonathan Corcoran

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PhD Candidate