This PhD study will be guided by the principles outlined in Pacific Research Guidelines and Protocols and elsewhere to ensure respect for persons, beneficence, justice, relationality and holism. The research will draw from interdisciplinary approaches in human geography, feminism, development studies and Pacific studies to examine climate change loss and grief to develop approaches that add value to policy and practice in this emerging area. Talanoa sessions will be conducted to understand the history and emotional experiences of participants. Semi-structured interviews with local community members (approximately 30) who have experienced climate change loss with be undertaken. Interviews with government officials (approximately 10) will also be conducted. Workshops (approximately 6) with a variety of participants (such as faith leaders, women and youth, among others) will also enable deeper understandings of these complex loss issues. Rarotonga and Mangaia will be the key study sites in the Southern Cook Islands.

Advisors: Associate Professor Karen McNamara, Dr Ashlee Cunsolo

Funding: UQ Earmarked Scholarship Scheme

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