Calcite and dolomite are the two most common carbonate minerals. These minerals are not exclusive to carbonate rocks; they are also present in metamorphic environments, hydrothermal systems and are commonly found cementing siliciclastic rocks. The purpose of this study would be to determine Δ47 values at known temperatures and the rates at which Δ47 changes in relation to burial and exposure to high temperatures, a process known as clumped isotope reordering. The Δ47 values and reordering rates will be analysed in dolomites and high-Mg and Mn calcite, where cation substitutions can disrupt the crystal lattice. It has been suggested that crystal defects allow O diffusion in calcite which causes reordering, this project will directly test that hypothesis. Dr William Defliese would be the primary supervisor for this PhD.

Advisors: Dr William Defliese, Emeritus Professor Suzanne Golding

Funding: Research Training Program

Project members

Jackson WHITE

PhD Candidate