Slips, trips and falls at level is the second most common mechanism of workplace injuries in Queensland. In 2011-12, slips, trips and falls at level accounted for 21.3 per cent of statutory costs (to the value of $85.7 million) and 17.5 per cent of finalised Workers compensation claims (13,432 claims).1 These claims covered all industries (except mining) and excluded all road traffic accidents and incidences away from work during recess periods. It is also expected that there is a significant number of non-work related injuries involving slipping and tripping.

Risk management is the fundamental basis of improving Work health and safety. Currently there, there is no evaluated tool to assist workplaces systematically identify and assess all of the risk factors that contribute to both slips and trips.

This research aims to:

  • Develop evidence based electronic tools to identify and assess slips and trip (one for built environment such as manufacturing workplace and one for construction sites with its dynamically changing work environment
  • Undertake user testing of both tools
  • Evaluate the validity, reliability and usability of both tools

Advisors: Dr Margaret Cook

Project members

Donna Lee

PhD candidate