Phosphorus, fluorine and sulphur are undesirable elements within coal: phosphorus in coking coal makes the hot metal brittle, fluorine when liberated from thermal coal is toxic, and sulphur can be liberated as the pollutant gas sulphuric acid. Because of these issues, mining companies are often contracted to supply coal that falls within an allowable specification for these elements. Brooke Davis' PhD research aims to determine the distribution of these elements within a coal seam from their relationship with diagenesis, geological structures such as splitting, faults or igneous intrusions or other elemental associations, to improve predictive capabilities as well as blending scenarios for mining operations. This will subsequently increase efficiency and optimise product outputs.

Advisors: Professor Joan Esterle, Professor Sue Golding, Dr Sandra Rodrigues

Project members

Brooke Davis

Brooke DAVIS

PhD Candidate - Conferred August 2020