To address the current biodiversity crisis, numerous threat management actions are undertaken to relieve pressures on threatened species. Designation of protected areas (managed by numerous entities including Commonwealth, state and territory governments, Indigenous groups, landholders, non-profit conservation organisations) is one of these actions, however a suite of actions is required to abate impacts to all threatened species. While the protected area network continues to be expanded to further protect threatened species, we need to ask, is this the most effective method for threatened species conservation?

My PhD aims to identify effective and efficient abatement actions to maximise the conservation of Australian threatened species through:

  1. Prioritisation of abatement actions for current known threats based on cost and effectiveness
  2. Prioritisation of abatement actions for future climate change related threats
  3. Evaluating the effectiveness of recently implemented threat abatement actions in a case study area

Funding: APA (Australian Postgraduate Award)
Advisors: Assoc Prof James Watson, Dr Vanessa Adams

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