(Please note:  Dr Halog is unable to accept applications from new Master of Philosophy and PhD students until late 2017)

In conjunction with green economy and cleaner production, this project aims to advance sustainability science and engineering methods, particularly the use of life cycle and systems thinking methods to evaluate emerging technologies and products. For this specific project, we are interested to evaluate the environmental life cycle impacts of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from coal seam gas as well as its socio-economic consequences. In consequential LCA, the system boundaries are typically defined to include the activities contributing to the environmental consequence of the change – regardless of whether or not these changes are within or outside of the cradle-to-grave system being investigated. Preferably, the applicant has background or training in environmental life cycle assessment and/or system dynamic methods including their appropriate software packages (CMLCA, SimaPro, Gabi, OpenLCA, Stella, Powersim). Applicants will develop skills in modelling, analysis, data management, scenario and policy formulation and the development of sustainable solutions.

Contact: Dr Anthony Halog