My research project will investigate the implications of the velocity of climate change to marine species (Burrows et al. 2011) and conservation (Burrows et al. 2014). This concept describes the rate of movement that species need to make to keep pace with changing climate (e.g., warming). I will use the velocity of climate change to model the distribution of marine species globally (e.g. Molinos et al. 2015), at different depths in the ocean and based on different environmental parameters (temperature, ocean acidification). I will assess how well the global marine protected area network might conserve these species (e.g. Burrows et al. 2014) and assess how the global network might be improved.

Funding: Chilean National Scholarship CONICYT
Advisors: Professor Anthony RichardsonDr Carissa Klein, Professor Hugh Possingham, Associate Professor David Schoeman

Project members

Isaac Brito Morales


PhD Candidate