For my PhD project, I am looking at the entire landscape of financial institutions (FIs) (public and private; multi-lateral, bilateral and domestic; bank and non-bank) investing in infrastructure globally, with a view to assess the gaps in coverage of biodiversity safeguards. I hope to answer, for instance, why institutional investors do not have safeguards despite the material investment risks that biodiversity impacts can pose. I also hope to assess how much leverage FIs such as Multi-lateral Development Banks that do have biodiversity safeguards wield on project impact mitigation decisions as a function of their relative contribution to an infrastructure project. In addition, I am trying to assess the effectiveness of existing biodiversity safeguards in terms of both their scientific robustness and the rigour with which they are applied. Finally, I hope to take the case of an actual infrastructure project to understand how it would fare in terms of biodiversity impact mitigation under various investment scenarios.

Funding:  RTP scholarship
Advisors:  Assoc Prof Martine Maron, Prof James Watson

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