There are few continuous palaeoenvironmental records from the monsoonal Kimberley region of northwest Australia, a region with a rapidly growing field of archaeological research. Unlocking the Kimberley’s environmental past is critical in providing an environmental context for known trends in human occupation in the region over the last 40,000 years. 

This research will also assess the suitability of tropical Australian mound spring peatlands as archives of environmental change, address the dearth of continuous palaeo-environmental data in northwest Australia and fill a gap in the knowledge of late Quaternary climate and environmental change in tropical Australasia.

High resolution multi-proxy analyses on sediment cores collected from Kimberley mound springs is the key to unlocking the region’s environmental past. Analysis will be conducted on pollen, micro-charcoal, diatoms, peat humification, dust and other sediment characteristics to reconstruct vegetation, hydrology and aridity.

Funding: APA (Australian Postgraduate Award), Kimberley Foundation Australia Top Up Scholarship
Advisors: Prof Hamish McGowanAssoc Prof Patrick Moss

Project members

Emily Field


Phd candidate - Awarded 2018