Ancient cyclone hunting on the Central Queensland coast: reconstructing storm history from sediments

This project aims to reconstruct storm history on the Central Queensland coast by identifying storm deposits in sedimentary samples. Notwithstanding the challenge of distinguishing between storm deposits and regular deposits made at higher sea levels.

The wider goal is to contribute to an informed risk assessment of Central Queensland’s coastal hazards by improving our understanding of how often and at what magnitude potentially damaging events have impacted our coast.

Building a robust understanding of storm history in a region with a growing population is vital in risk mitigation planning.

In regions such as Queensland, where both instrumental and historical records of high-impact low-frequency events are limited, paleotempestology is essential to this knowledge.

This project will help fill these blind spots in our region’s disaster preparedness by contributing to the wider body of work currently being undertaken by supervisor Dr Annie Lau.

Advisory Team: Dr Annie Lau, Dr Kevin Welsh

Project members


MPhil Candidate