Researcher biography

Greg joined UQ in 2010 after serving as Director of the Environmental Studies Program at Central Washington University. His passion for unique landscapes and cultural diversity has resulted in an adventurous career path around the world. He has held positions as Program Director for the Masters Program in Environmental Studies at Green Mountain College in Vermont (U.S.), as Program Director for the Biodiversity, Environmental, and Park Management Program at the University of South Australia in Adelaide, and as Associate Professor and Chair of Environmental Science at Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage, Alaska. He has also held teaching and research positions in Idaho, Illinois, California, and Arizona.

Greg has published in the areas of land use planning, natural resource policy, the human dimensions of ecosystem management, parks and protected areas management, and socio-economic assessment of rural communities. His current research involves developing methods to expand public involvement in environmental planning by having individuals map spatial measures of landscape values and special places--a type of "Public Participation Geographic Information Systems" (PPGIS). His applications of PPGIS methods include forest planning, assessment of biological resources for marine conservation, coastal areas planning, national scenic byway planning, urban parks and open space planning, national park planning, river conservation, and the identification of natural capital and ecosystem services. Please visit the Landscape Values Institute to learn more about PPGIS and landscape values mapping.