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Scholarship application for PhD or MPhil degrees at UQ opens soon! Get in touch if you’re interested in learning more about possible projects with our team. UQ offers a competitive scholarship package, including a full tuition support at ~AU$46,000/year, a stipend at ~AU$30,000/year, and additional opportunities for tutoring or teaching assistantship.

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News on recent work in the Himalaya: Link to UQ News Blog

News on recent work in geochronology: Link to UQ News

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Social media: Twitter (mountain2basin), Instagram (mountain2basin)

Tectonic and Biostratigraphy Research Group: At UQ, I am a part of a larger team that specializes in tectonics, the Tectonic and Biostratigraphy Research Group. Collectively, our research focuses on Earth processes that range from the recycled mantle wedge, continental collision, mountain building, to sediment delivery. We hold expertise in field geology, sedimentary geology, geochronology, thermochronology, and micropaleontology.

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