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Sandra Rodrigues received her PhD in 2012 from the University of Porto, Portugal. She is a geologist who specialises in organic petrology. She has been working in projects related with coal quality, development of coal characterisation techniques. She applies organic petrology to evaluate the rank and composition of coal samples from different Australian basins, and overseas (Moatize Basin in Mozambique). Additionally, to the studies on the coal studies, Sandra also worked on maturation studies of source rocks such as the Barney Creek Formation (Proterozoic in age) in the McArthur Basin and the Toolebuc Formation (Cretaceous age) in the Eromanga Basin. Sandra has also been working on the characterisation of the mineral matter using microscale techniques such as optical microscopy, SEM/EDS and QEMSCAN and well as core scanner technologies such as HyLogger, Corescan®, and Itrax core scanner (at UNWS). Recently, Sandra has been working on the development of spectral libraries for coal samples.