Researcher biography

Richard has had a career as a research scientist working in the Australian Government. He has extensive experience working in, and with, government policy and science agencies. 

In that role he worked with decision-makers involved in the management of natural resources, by developing and implementing decision-support tools, frameworks and information systems. His work continues to be influential in several national public programs. 

Richard has led several national projects involving partnerships with state, territory and national land management and research agencies to develop standards for the survey, classification and mapping Australia’s native vegetation and whole of landscape land cover. He was a principle investigator in leading the development of several national datasets including changes in the type and extent of native vegetation and the condition of vegetation types.

In 2010-11 Richard came to UQ as a Visiting Sabbatical Fellow with the Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (ACEAS), Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) and was hosted by the School of GPEM. In late 2011 he resigned his position in the Australian Government taking up a position as an Adjunct Associate Professor in GPEM. While at GPEM he developed a national system for tracking and accounting for the impacts of land use and land management on the transformation of vegetated landscapes.

Richard’s current research involves assessing ecological change and trend associated with the transformation of native vegetation condition caused by the effects of land management practices. The resulting report card is useful for informing land use scenarios and future land management options including biodiversity conservation and resource management.