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My interests lie in four related fields. 1. Paleoclimatology: I focus on the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies and the Australian and Asian Monsoons. 2. Paleoecology: I use pollen, chironomids and other biological proxies to reconstruct environmental changes. My work is focussed mainly in Australia, New Zealand and China 3. Glacial Geology: I determine the nature and cause of glacial events from geochronology, geomorphology and sedimentology with projects in New Zealand, Tasmania and the Pacific NW of North America 4. Coastal Evolution: I have active projects on coastal evolution of high energy coasts and dunefields, with a current ARC Discovery grant on the Coooloola Sand Mass and Fraser Island in SE Queensland, Australia.

Jamie Shulmeister joined the University of Queensland in July 2009 from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand (on staff 2001-2009). He was previously at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (1994-2001) and before that was a Visiting Professor at the University of Southern California (1993-1994) and a post-doc at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand (1991-1993). He was Head of School in Geography Planning and Environmental Management from July 2009 until December 2014.

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