Researcher biography

Dr Arnold Dekker is part of the Remote Sensing research stream which is part of the Environmental Sensing, Prediction and Reporting research theme.

Arnold's current research focuses on developing applications of MODIS and MERIS data for coastal waters detection monitoring and modelling, and on further enhancement of shallow water algorithms to detect and map seagrasses, macro-algae and coral reefs.

In 1999 Dr Dekker came to Australia to join CSIRO. Arnold’s research expertise is in the area of developing applications of remote sensing from aircraft and from satellites to provide relevant environmental information on inland and coastal water ecosystems, including reservoirs, lakes, rivers, tidal lagoons, seagrasses, macro-algae, and coral reefs, In order to achieve the above goals he has developed expertise in organisation and definition of airborne and satellite remote sensing projects; geophysics; aquatic ecology; water quality management; bio-optical modelling; atmosphere correction and inland and coastal water remote sensing algorithms.