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Grant Dawson finished his PhD thesis in 2012, which was entitled "Carbon sequestration in coal: The relationships between coal structure, texture, and mineralogy, and the role of mineral reactivity with carbonic acid." Grant has also participated in both conventional and bioengineered coal seam gas (a.k.a. coal bed methane) research. Grant's present research is focused upon laboratory scale studies of carbon dioxide geosequestration in sandstone formations, the physical & chemical conditions of past natural carbonate mineralisation in the Eromanga & Surat Basins in the context of hydrocarbon presence/absence as well as local and regional geology, and methods of artificially accelerating mineral trapping of CO2. Grant's current work involves whole-rock and individual mineral batch reactor experiments with CO2 in fresh or saline waters, characterisation of samples before and after reactions using techniques such as SEM-EDS and X-ray micro CT scanning, and also natural analogue studies and related laboratory experiments which seek to determine mineral trapping mechanisms that could potentially be engineered or accelerated in sandstone and caprock formations.