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Professor Yan Liu is a Geographical Information Scientist and a Quantitative Human Geographer with expertise in urban modelling, GIS, and spatial (big) data analytics. Her research themes are centred on (1) modelling urban systems through complex systems modelling and geo-simulation incorporating cellular automata (CA) and agent based modelling (ABM) to describe, understand, simulate and predict urban change processes and dynamics; and (2) spatially integrated urban and societal studies incorporating spatial data mining and big data analytics. The nature of her research is inherently multi-disciplinary, since the output of her research has a wide impact across physical/environmental and social sciences. She has convened the Spatio-Temporal Analytics Research Laboratory (STAR Lab) since 2016 as a platform providing opportunities for post-doctoral research fellows, ECRs, HDR students, visiting scholars and past students to collaborate together in developing new data and methods for addressing a range of urban and big data issues.

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