• B.Science (Biological Sciences and Geosciences) (Hons.)


Alisa is a remote sensing scientist based in Australia, with over 16 years’ experience working in both Public and Private sector. Alisa specialises in working on Environmental, Natural Resources applications. Alisa has extensive experience in applying scientific methods and research to the commercial environment.

Alisa has been a part of many multi-disciplinary teams requiring strong skills in collaborative and applied research to deliver high-quality, large-scale environmental projects,  including the recent collaboration between Ozius Pty Ltd and aquatic ecologists from Government authorities in

NSW and QLD to integrate Earth Observation analytics with Water Resource Planning projects.

Alisa’s PhD focuses on ‘Water in the Landscape’ – using Earth Observation analytics to determine water inundation dynamics for key water resource assets (waterholes, groundwater dependent ecosystems and wetlands) in key catchments. This work leverages the vast archive of Earth Observation data available – from Lidar to Landsat.


Earth Observation, Landscape Ecology, Data science, Spatial Analysis