Researcher biography

Glen Searle was Associate Professor in Planning at the University of Queensland from 2009 to 2014, during which time he was Director of the Planning Program for several semesters. Prior to that, he was Senior Lecturer and Planning Program Director at the University of Technology Sydney from 1991-2009. Glen’s academic research has focused in particular on metropolitan strategy development and dimensions of strategy including urban consolidation and economic development. His research has also covered the economic geography of advanced producer services and inter-urban economic competition. In 1996 his monograph Sydney as a Global City was published by the NSW government, and he co-edited the book The Economic Geography of the IT Industry in the Asia Pacific Region (Routledge, 2013). He has twice had articles of his included in collections of global academic best papers published by Global Planning Education Associations Network academics.

Glen started his career in 1968 in the NSW Department of Decentralisation and Development with research into the case for new cities in Australia. In 1970 he moved to the NSW Treasury, where he carried out financial policy analysis of infrastructure projects. After completing his PhD in Economic geography at Macquarie University, he worked as a researcher at Middlesex Polytechnic and the UK Department of the Environment (1976-1979), where he was a researcher in the Inner City Policy Directorate. After two years as a post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Geography at Monash University, he worked for ten years in the Policy Division at the NSW Department of Planning. There, he worked mainly on employment forecasting and employment policies for the 1988 Sydney metropolitan strategy. He left the department as Deputy Director, Policy.