Bachelor of Environmental Management (First Class Honours) University of Queensland (2011)


  • Practical internship at the Institute of Zoology at Austral University of Chile in 2006, doing estuarine hydrodynamics analyses in Valdivia´s surrounding rivers. As part of this experience, I also participated in the extraction of chlorophyll from Egeria densa species living in Valdivia´s surrounding rivers, in order to determine their health status and capacity for photosynthesis.
  • Second Practical internship at a non-governmental organization called Marine Conservation, mapping natural and anthropic hazards in the coastal “Ecoregion CHILOENSE” at the Southern region of Chile.
  • Honours research thesis at the Spatial and Temporal Studies Laboratory (LEET) of Austral University, using stable isotopes as a novel tool to determine the dissolved sulphate fraction ( 34S) at Cruces river, which was being affected by industrial effluents from a cellulose pulp mill.
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Managing Ecosystem Services under Climate Change