• Forest Engineer by University Federal Rural of Rio de Janeiro – UFRRJ (1999-2004)
  • Master of Tropical Rainforest Sciences by National Institute for Research in the Amazon – INPA (2004-2006)
  • Master of Applied Geosciences by The University of Brasilia – UNB (2011-2013)


I am an environmental scientist with over 12 years’ experience. My main areas of knowledge are remote sensing, Geographic Information System (GIS), ecohydrology, landscape ecology, vegetation and data analysis. I have applied my expertise in a range of environmental job sectors (i.e., academia, industry, government and consultancies). 

Amongst my relevant experience in the Brazilian Amazon, I have worked for large scale research cooperation projects, reforestation of areas impacted by livestock, crops and mining in the industry, satellite monitoring of indigenous lands and policies formulation to fight deforestation in the federal government. I also have extensive experience as a consultant, having worked for organizations such UNDP, World Bank and GIZ.

I moved to Australia in 2013 to undertake my PhD. My research aimed to understand the spatial and temporal variation in the ecohydrology of an extensive database of catchments across the entire east coast of Australia, exploring their functioning and changes in streamflow generation. Currently, I am working for the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection in Queensland Government.

Research Interests

  • Remote Sensing, GIS and Spatial Analysis;
  • Catchment hydrology, Eco-hydrology and Hydrometeorology;
  • Landscape Ecology, Forest Ecology and Restoration Ecology;
  • Environmental Monitoring, Analysing and Modelling;
  • Watershed Management and Conservation;
  • Protected Areas Planning and Management;
  • Ecosystem Services;
  • Statistics and Data Analysis.