• Forest Engineer by University Federal Rural of Rio de Janeiro – UFRRJ (1999-2004)
  • Master of Tropical Rainforest Sciences by National Institute for Research in the Amazon – INPA (2004-2006)
  • Master of Applied Geosciences by The University of Brasilia – UNB (2011-2013)


During my undergraduate course I have started my researches in restoration ecology and watershed management. In 2004 I received a diploma of Forest Engineer in Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ). Then, I moved to the Amazon and completed my Master of Tropical Rainforest Sciences in 2006 at INPA with hydrological impacts of deforestation in the Amazon. From 2006 to 2008, I acted as assistant researcher in international research cooperation projects (LBA project and GEOMA network). In this same period I worked as a consultant in GIS and Remote Sensing as well. Among other activities, supported protected areas management plans and trained people with different backgrounds in GIS and Remote Sensing, including postgraduate students, researchers, government staff, private company staff and indigenous people. Between 2008 and 2009 I worked for VALE, the largest private mining company of Brazil, being responsible for environmental projects. Afterwards, I went to FUNAI, the Brazilian Indigenous Foundation, where I was accountable for territorial monitoring using GIS and Remote Sensing to support enforcement field inspections. In 2011 I went to Brazilian Ministry of Environment (MMA), where I worked as a specialist in Protected Areas and spatial information. There, I was responsible for analysing deforestation data to support government strategies to combat deforestation in the Amazon and in Brazilian tropical savannah. In 2013 I have obtained my second Master’s Degree of Applied Geosciences at the University of Brasília (UNB), working with spectral changes caused by deforestation in the Brazilian tropical savannah.

Research Interests

  • Remote Sensing, GIS and Spatial Analysis;
  • Catchment hydrology, Eco-hydrology and Hydrometeorology;
  • Landscape Ecology, Forest Ecology and Restoration Ecology;
  • Environmental Monitoring, Analysing and Modelling;
  • Watershed Management and Conservation;
  • Protected Areas Planning and Management;
  • Ecosystem Services;
  • Statistics and Data Analysis.