• B.Sc. (Hons class 1, University medal), University of Queensland
  • B.Sc. (Ecology & Zoology), University of Queensland


During my undergraduate degree, I was awarded a grant to undertake a summer research project. Using acoustic monitoring, I assessed the order in which rainforest birds entered the dawn chorus and identified how this related to their foraging height preferences. In my honours year, I studied the parental investment trade-off by investigating how maternal behaviours exhibited by eastern grey kangaroos varied with body condition and risk-taking tendencies.
I have participated in scientific bird surveys run by BirdLife Australia. These surveys were designed to assess the impact of the oil spill off Moreton Island, evaluate the effectiveness of habitat rehabilitation around south east Queensland water catchments, provide information about the value of the Brisbane City Council Land For Wildlife program, and monitor threatened species.


My research interests span landscape ecology, physiology, animal behaviour and conservation.