• MSc Urban Development Planning , Development Planning Unit , University College London (UCL)
  • Bachelor of Planning with Honours, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, James Cook University (JCU)


Before starting a PhD at SEES Johanna worked as a planner for the Queensland Government in land use, environmental conservation, infrastructure development, and the development of housing in Palm Island Aboriginal community. Johanna has also worked with urban poor communities, local governments, and NGOs in slum upgrading in South East Asia including Cambodia, Viet Nam, Thailand, and Philippines. 


Urban planning, housing, urban poverty, community-driven and participatory planning processes and methodologies


Brugman, J. (in publication). Bridging conflicting rationalities and securing affordable housing: lessons from a community-driven financial approach to planning theory and practice in Graham, C. (Ed). (2013). From conflict to inclusion in housing –perspectives on the interaction of communities, residents and activists with the politics of the home. AMPS & UCL Press: London. 

Brugman, J. (2017). Participatory budgeting in Bogota: A means for social transformation or maintenance of status quo? DPU Working Paper No. 185. University College London. Available online at: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/bartlett/development/sites/bartlett/files/wp185.pdf

Brugman, J & Dovarch, B. (2013). Community-driven city wide upgrading in Vinh city, Vietnam in Asian Coalition for Housing Rights and Development Planning Unit (Ed). (2013). Grounding knowledge: reflections on community-driven development in South East Asia. DPU: Bangkok. Available online at: https://issuu.com/dpu-ucl/docs/grounding_knowledge_24.2.14_new

Areas of research