• BArch (Regional and Urban Planning)
  • MArch (Regional and Urban Planning, 'cum laude')
  • Master Course in GIS and territorial government


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Professional Associations

  • International Association on Impact Assessment (IAIA)
  • Planning Institute of Australia (PIA)
  • Italian Institute of Architects, Planners and Landscape architects (OAPPC)


  • 2009-2012:  Teaching assistant in University laboratories of Urban planning (Politecnico di Milano)
  • 2009-2014: Planner and GIS consultant (Contribution to Urban Planning schemes and Environmental assessments in Italian cities and towns)


  • Research interests: Environmental planning, Sustainability appraisal, Participatory planning, Carrying capacity, Ecosystem services, Performance based planning
  • Personal interests: learning new languages, eating at restaurants, writing spy books, playing and watching sports (Soccer and American Football)
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A limits-oriented Approach to Sustainable Planning Assessment