• BSc (Hons 1)


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Carla Archibald is a PhD student in the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science within the School of Earth and Environmental Science at The University of Queensland. Carla is interested in the outcome and impact that private land conservation can make towards biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services provisioning. Her research brings together information about why landholders choose to adopt private land conservation, and programmatic information about the policies available, to spatially assess the drivers of conservation covenant ownership as well as the impacts that covenants make towards conservation goals. Prior to starting her PhD, Carla graduated a Bachelor of Applied Science from The University of Queensland in 2012 and received first-class honours for her research project on urban restoration and bird diversity in South-east Queensland. She has since gained experience in environmental consultancy for urban and infrastructure development and conservation research projects, for Universities and non-government organisations (IUCN) on projects concerning climate change, invasive species, avian ecology and protected areas


In her spare time she enjoys listening to podcasts, rock climbing and spending time with her dog Suzie.

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