• Master of International Development (International University of Japan, 2009)
  • Master of Economic Science (University of Indonesia, 2009)
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (University of Brawrijaya, 2003)


al Irsyad, M.I. and Nepal, R., 2016. A survey based approach to estimating the benefits of energy efficiency improvements in street lighting systems in Indonesia. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews58, pp.1569-1577.


Indra was a lecturer in University of Lampung before continuing his career as researcher on R&D Center of Electricity, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation – Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Government of Indonesia. He is an expert for several energy conservation projects in Indonesia especially to conserve energy consumption in street lighting systems. Just before continuing his PhD, Indra also holds position as Head of Research Planning Sub Division to coordinate research topics to meet national agenda. He is also a reviewer on Journal of Energy Policy


Indra has strong passion on energy modelling especially to renewable energy, electricity and energy conservation issues. Photography is his activity in his spare time.