• Bachelor Design (Hons), QUT
  • Master Design - Urban, QUT


Adeniyi, Ayodeji, Mirko Guaralda, and Raul Dias de Carvalho. 2017. "The Contextualization of Divergent Outlooks in a Greenfield Master-Planned Community: A Pathway towards Reflexivity ". International Planning Studies:1-20. doi: 10.1080/13563475.2017.1344541.


Six years as an Architectural Practitioner working on residential and commercial projects (MBRC, QLD). Tope has employed this experience to inform a historical ethnography, which he has presented at functions such as AECURN and the Institute of Australian Geographer’s conference.


Research Interests: Human Geography and Planning, Housing Needs Analysis, Big Data and Qualitative Social Movements

Personal Interests: Blogging, Travelling, Architecture, Photography, Music and Football (Soccer)