Researcher biography

Michelle Burgess: Freelance Editor (MFR Productions)

Michelle is a freelance editor who works globally and most extensively with the University of Queensland's School of Earth and Environmental Sciences (SEES) where she edits grant proposals, books and other scientific publications. She has undertaken editorial roles for the Helholmtz Centre; (GEO*8), the GEORG in Iceland, and the Integrated Ocean Discovery Programme (IODP).

She has also edited a novel by Thomas Barlow called The Theory of Nothing, and advises on speech writing. Michelle has a BA in Classical Languages and Writing from the University of Queensland (2012) She also has a background in Chemistry (NZCS) and has worked as an Assistant Chemist and lab technician at the NZAS Aluminium Smelter and at IGNS (now GNS Science).

In addition to the editing role, her interests are painting (particularly portraits) and languages.