• 2017-2019: Master in Geology, Federal University of Parana (Brazil)
  • 2016: Bsc in Geology


Journal Articles

  • Patias, D., Cury, L. F., & Siga Jr, O. (2019). Transpressional deformation during Ediacaran Accretion of the Paranaguá terrane, southernmost Ribeira belt, western Gondwana. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 102374.
  • Patias, D., Cury, L. F., Faleiros, F. M., Calderón, M., Siga Jr, O., & Theye, T. (2020). Late Neoproterozoic PTt paths of syn-and post-collisional metamorphism in the Paranaguá Terrane, Ribeira Belt (Brazil): implications for West Gondwana assembly. International Geology Review, 1-24.
  • Li, R., Pei, X., Li, Z., Patias, D., Su, Z., Pei, L., ... & Liu, C. (2020). Late Silurian to Early Devonian volcanics in the East Kunlun orogen, northern Tibetan Plateau: Record of postcollisional magmatism related to the evolution of the Proto-Tethys Ocean. Journal of Geodynamics140, 101780.

Conference presentation

  • Patias, D. ; Cury, L. F. ; Calderon, M. . Tectonometamorphic evolution of the Paranaguá Terrane - Southern Ribeira Belt. In: XVII Simpósio Nacional de estudos tectonicos, 2019, Bento Gonçalves. Anais do XVII Simpósio Nacional de estudos tectonicos, 2019. p. 104-104.
  • Guimarães, D.P; Cury, L. F. ; HARARA, O. M. M. . A geologia do Terreno Paranaguá e as evidências de diferentes regimes tectonometamórficos. In: 49° Congresso Brasileiro de Geologia, 2018, Rio de Janeiro. Anais do 49° Congresso Brasileiro de Geologia, 2018.


  • Portuguese (Native)
  • English (Fluent)
  • Spanish (Intermediary)


Acoustic Guitar, Sports, Reading, Hiking.