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Researcher biography

1993-1996 Development of Geographical Information Systems for Dutch Government 1996-1998 SCUBA Diving instructor in Jamaica and Malaysia 1999-2006 Research Assistant for Centre of Marine Studies and CRSSIS (now CSER) 2006-2008 Research Assistant for CRSSIS (now CSER) 2008-2010 Postdoctoral Research Fellow for CSER 2010-2012 Lecturer Remote Sensing 2012- Research Fellow Coastal and Marine Remote Sensing Remote Sensing working experience in coastal environments varying: in their water clarity, reef type, species composition (coral, seagrass, algae and mangrove) and also their level of natural or anthropogenic disturbance. These environments are located in Australia, Fiji, Palau, Indonesia, Belize, Solomon's, New Caledonia, Marshall Islands, and the Cook Islands. Capacity building through: teaching in under and post graduate courses; national and international workshops; and development of remote sensing toolkit