Researcher biography

Julia has gained an interdisciplinary experience with an overarching focus on processes of globalisation and environmental change, their impact on cities and regions, and the pathways to sustainability and justice. Bridging skills of data science and community engagement, her research is concerned with building a greater sensitivity to and empowerment of 'peripheral' (variably physically, economically and geopolitically positioned and often characterised by power imbalances) regions and populations, such as Indigenous nations or resources producing regions.

Julia joined SEES in 2018 for utilising novel datasets and state-of-art tools for the study of the variegated character of multinational enterprises activity and population change. Her current work focuses on understanding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population change, economic geography of energy transitions, as well as experimental models of population change and corporate network analysis. Julia contributes to teaching courses on global change, sustainable cities, population studies and digital geographies.