My research intends to identify the drivers of the decline in internal migration in Australia. This work which uses individual level data to understand the micro factors behind this decline, will go on to provide evidence of the factors that determine and shape Australia’s regions, state and territories now and in the future.

Prior to joining the University of Queensland I worked for the Malawi national assembly, some NGOs and later for the World Bank as an Economic Researcher. My interest is how data is used to diagnose developmental challenges and innovate context-appropriate solutions.


  • MA Applied Economics, Univ of Adelaide
  • PG Certificate Economics, Univ of Adelaide
  • BSoc (Econs and Sociology) University of Malawi


  • 2019 W.D. Borrie Prize by the Australian Population Association


  • Kalemba, S. V., Bernard, A., Charles‐Edwards, E., & Corcoran, J. (2020). Decline in internal migration levels in Australia: Compositional or behavioural effect? Population, Space and Place, e2341.

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