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I am a CBCS Research Fellow at UQ and an Associate Conservation Scientist with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Global Coral Reef program. My research identifies and critically assesses management gaps and conservation solutions to benefit both nature and people. Paramount to all of my research is an interdisciplinary approach that emphasises the ecological and social connectivity of systems and the need for cross-sector collaboration. This approach ensures that I am producing the knowledge and tools that communities, conservation organizations, and governments need to balance conservation and development goals. A major research theme of mine is to improve wastewater management practices to achieve human health and ecosystem health goals. This research ties in and builds upon the research themes described below. I am the Lead Principal Investigator for a Science for Nature and People Partnership working group on improving coastal health through better wastewater management Through my role at WCS, I am supporting our programs in Melanesia, Indonesia, and Kenya in wastewater management initiatives. Another major research theme of mine focuses on integrated watershed management in Melanesia aimed at reducing the impacts of upstream land use on coral reefs, fisheries, and community health through improved land management. Through the recently launched Kiwa Initiative, WCS, UQ, and the University of Sydney will work with the governments in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and Solomon Islands, and communities to identify high-risk watersheds and reduce the incidence of water-related diseases and downstream impacts to coral reefs. Management actions will also improve access to clean water, support biodiversity conservation, and strengthen climate resilience and livelihoods in coastal communities: