Make a payment

You can pay online for poster printing, field trips, key deposits and print credit.

Note: if you're making your online payment on a UQ computer, you'll first need to log on to any external website - you'll be prompted to enter your UQ username and password.

Select the link for the relevant payment form, below, then enter your student ID number (without the 's') and hit 'tab' on your keyboard - this will auto-fill your personal details.

Pay for poster printing

Poster printing costs: A0 $77, A1 $38.50

Pay for poster printing form

Find out more about our poster printing service.

Pay for field trips 

Note: you must be enrolled in a School of Earth and Environmental Sciences course to pay for your field trip using the below links.

Pay for a field trip form

Find out more about our field trips.

Pay for a key deposit

Pay for a key deposit form

Pay for print credit

You can add print credit to the value of $5, $10 or $15.

Pay for print credit form

Before you pay for print credits, note the following:

  • print credits are for Chamberlain Building (Building 35) printers only: you can use them for labs in 35-401/402/432 but not for UQ Library printing
  • there is no coursework student access to printers in the Steele Building (Building 3)
  • print credit won't be added to your account immediately. Expect an overnight delay to allow processing of payments. If you need to activate your print credit immediately, visit our staff at reception in the Chamberlain Building (Building 35), room 408 on weekdays from 8.30am to 4.30pm.