Students in a relevant course are invited to attend weekly Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) where available.

The informal and interactive sessions for small groups enable you to socialise, ask questions and get tips and information from your peers and PASS Leaders.

PASS Leaders are high-achieving students who have recently completed the course that you're studying. They're not lecturers or tutors, so will tend not to give you answers but instead help you to arrive at your own conclusions.

PASS courses

The PASS program offers sessions in the following School of Earth and Environmental Sciences courses:

Semester 1: 

  • GEOS1100
  • PLAN1001
  • ENVM1501
  • ERTH1000
  • ENVM7512
  • ENVM7123

Semester 2:

  • GEOS1100
  • GEOG1000
  • GEOM1000
  • ERTH1000
  • GEOM7200

Be a PASS Leader

If you've enjoyed your experience as a PASS mentee, you can apply to be a PASS Leader.

Fill out this online PASS application form  to apply. 

Note: first year students will need to wait until their semester 1 results are published before making an application.  

You can apply if you:

  • have a grade 6 or 7 for the relevant PASS course
  • In your first, second or third year of study
  • have regularly attended PASS as a student
  • are willing to attend a leader development workshop in O-Week of semester 1 or 2.

Application deadline

Applications are open for semester two and will close mid-July. 

For more information about PASS, email Matt Rice, our Teaching Coordinator, or phone 07 3346 7406.