Our fundamental aim is to integrate key terrestrial and marine paleoenvironmental and paleoclimate records in order to inform modern conservation and management strategies directed at protecting Australia’s vulnerable terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

Our research focuses on the Quaternary (last 2.6 million years) history of Queensland. It includes projects that investigate faunal extinction in Australia and historical ecological, geological and environmental changes on the Great Barrier Reef.


Our work is supported by high-quality radiometric dating and environmental geochemistry carried out in the Centre for Geoanalytical Mass Spectrometry, which comprises the  Radiogenic Isotope Facility, the Environmental Geochemistry Laboratory and the Stable Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory.

Access to these facilities allows us to place our observations in an accurate chronological timeframe and to reconstruct past environmental conditions.

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Project Duration
Understanding faunal responses to climate change and environmental perturbations through the Quaternary in north-eastern Australia
ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award
Climate and environmental history of South East Queensland dunefields
ARC Discovery
2015 to 2018
Refined reservoir correction for radiocarbon dating of the southern Great Barrier Reef based on U-series dated corals
Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering
Australian Archean Drilling Program
ARC LIEF Collaborating/Partner Organisation Contributions
Late Palaeozoic seawater chemistry based on oceanic reef carbonate rocks preserved in accretionary margins: Akiyoshi, Japan
ARC LIEF Collaborating/Partner Organisation Contributions
Trace metal distribution in contemporary versus paleo-reef microbialites: implications for microbial activity, ocean chemistry and palaeoclimate
Australian Synchrotron Beamline Facility M5741
Tahiti coral reefs as a natural laboratory for studying coral and microbialite diagenesis, IODP Leg 310 Tahiti Sea Level
ARC LIEF Collaborating/Partner Organisation Contributions
Tasmantid seamounts: volcanic and tectonic record, carbonate reefs, physical oceanography and tsunamigenic potential
Marine National Facility Voyage: SS2012_v07
Australian Membership of the International Ocean Discovery Program
ARC LIEF Collaborating/Partner Organisation Contributions
2014 to 2016
U-series dating of coral reefs in the South China Sea for paleo-environmental reconstructions
Chinese Academy of Sciences
2014 to 2015
Reconstruction of past monsoonal climate using U/Th dating and geochemical characterization of stalagmites from Central India
2014 to 2015
Operationalising research collections in archaeological science and museum studies
UQ Major Equipment and Infrastructure
2014 to 2015
Reconstructing EI Nino to predict the future: High resolution records of tropical Pacific climate during warm intervals in the past
UQ Early Career Researcher
2014 to 2015
Geomorphological development of coral reefs, southern Great Barrier Reef: an integrated record of Holocene palaeoecology and palaeoclimate from cores
ARC Discovery
2013 to 2016

Our people

Mr Yuexing Feng, Research Fellow

Dr Morana Mihaljević, Postdoctoral Fellow in Palaeontology

Mr Ai Duc Nguyen, Research Officer

Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Playford

Dr Gilbert Price, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Asuka SentokuPostdoctoral Research Fellow

Professor Gordon Southam

Professor Gregory Webb, Dorothy Hill Chair in Palaeontology & Stratigraphy

Dr Kevin Welsh, Lecturer

Professor Jian Zhao

Miss Wei Zhou, Scientific Officer

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To find out more about us, contact Professor Gregory Webb.