Topic:  Pyrite: Ireland’s least favourite mineral

Tadhg Dornan
Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosicences

Tadhg Dornan is a PhD researcher in the iCRAG raw material research spoke. Tadhg graduated from Trinity College Dublin with an honours degree in Geology in 2016 and soon after started a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Robbie Goodhue. His research mainly focuses on pyrite, a commonly occurring iron sulphide mineral, and its role in the deterioration of concrete when oxidised. As part of his research, Tadhg is using SEM-EDS and LA-ICPMS to analyse pyrite found in the concrete of damaged properties in an attempt to fingerprint a quarry source for the material. In addition, his research also investigates the effects that crystal shape and elemental composition of pyrite have on its reactivity.


309, Steele Building (#3), St Lucia Campus