Pushing diversity in Earth and Environmental Sciences


Scientific evidence shows diverse workplaces are more creative and profitable, yet gender and background diversity are lost with career progression to senior and leadership roles. There is an urgent need to reverse this trend and create diverse teams who can tackle present and future Earth and Environmental challenges. This whole-school seminar will explore key factors that block diversity in earth and environmental science across academia, industry, and government, and solutions to revert the current leaky pipeline. We can all make a difference to change the system and contribute to building a diverse and inclusive workforce. 


Teresa Ubide is an Associate Professor in Igneous Petrology/Volcanology at The University of Queensland. She is passionate about understanding how volcanoes work and what causes them to erupt, or accumulate metals that are critical for renewable energy and our sustainable future. Originally from San Sebastian (Spain), Teresa joined UQ’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences as a Lecturer in July 2016, after completing her PhD in Spain (December 2013) and holding a research fellowship at Trinity College Dublin (2014-2016, Ireland). She is an advocate for diversity in science and was a Science and Technology Australia Superstar of STEM 2019-21. Teresa chaired the Dorothy Hill Women in Earth Sciences Symposium in 2017 and 2019 (UQ). She is co-founder (2020) and Vice-President of the network for Women in Earth and Environmental Sciences in Australasia (WOMEESA).


Steele Building (#03) Room 206 Learning Theatre.