Photosynthesis from space: bridging scales for measuring dynamic photosynthetic processes


The rapid pace of Earth Observation (EO) sensor and platform developments has enabled new scalable methods for estimating dynamic photosynthetic processes related to plant productivity and health. This presentation will provide insight into how optical signals can be scaled from leaf to landscape using EO data and models, and then put into context the fast pace of technology development for insight into current and future remote measurement capabilities.


Will commenced his ARC DECRA fellowship (DE190101182) in 2019 at the University of Queensland. The research proposes to bridge scales with remotely sensed dynamic plant productivity. Previously Will held the position of Research Scientist at CSIRO, after commencing as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in 2015. Will is the Principal Investigator of the TERN-OzFlux Tumbarumba research site. Now in its 21st year it is one of Australia’s longest continuously running flux tower sites and rated equal second globally for verification of environmental satellite products by the Austrian Bureau of Meteorology (ZAMG) representing a European consortium of research organisations.


This seminar will be held using the video conferencing software Zoom. If you would like the link, please email