Almost Everything I Have Learned about Successfully Completing a Research Thesis: A Project Management Approach


This interactive seminar will be quite informal and highly pragmatic. It aims to offer some new angles from project management which can help those who are intending to write, or are currently completing, a research thesis. Emphasis will be placed on initial aspects (project scope, initiation and risk management) which can condition the entire thesis exercise. A little writing will be involved. Participants will be invited to comment on the presentation and offer their own experiences for general contemplation.


A long-standing staff member of SEES, David Wadley retired at the end of 2020 to become an honorary associate. He is continuing to advise PhD students and pursue research projects in economic geography and city planning, principally ones to do with the definition of rationality, factor inputs into business enterprise, and responses to environmental change.


Planning Studio, Room 315, Steele Building (#03)