This seminar is an opportunity to gain an understanding of the experiences of how people with disabilities navigate a world of imbalances and challenges presented by frameworks designed for non-disabled people.

Hear about personal experiences from people with disability and their pathway to success


Associate Professor Paul Harpur

School of Law

The University of Queensland

Associate Professor Paul Harpur is a leading international and comparative disability rights legal academic having held visiting positions with the Centre for Disability Law and Policy, Institute for Lifecourse & Society, National University of Ireland, Galway and with the Burton Blatt Institute, College of Law, Syracuse University, New York. Following his work at Syracuse University, Associate Professor Harpur has been appointed an International Distinguished Fellow with the Burton Blatt Institute from 2015 onwards and a 2020 academic fellow of the Harvard Law School Project on Disabilities. He is the holder of a prestigious Fulbright Future Scholarship entitled "Universally Designed for Whom? Disability, the Law and Practice of Expanding the "Normal User".

Dr Merrill Turpin

Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

The University of Queensland

Dr Turpin’s research centres on the clinical/professional reasoning of occupational therapists across the spectrum of experience from new graduates to experts, as well as the subjective experiences of people with disabilities (particularly in the area of Multiple Sclerosis). She specialises in the use of qualitative research methods and uses a variety of qualitative research methods in her own research, as well advising others on these research methods. Dr Turpin has written books and book chapters on occupational therapy models of practice, evidence-based practice, and clinical reasoning, as well as publications on various aspects of people's experience.

Ms Nina Pheasant

Student – Griffith University

Nina has spent the past 3 and half years studying Auslan (Australian Sign Language) and working in education support at Toowong State School assisting young students.  Her area of interest is working with children with special needs, in particular deaf and hearing impaired, ASD, and ADD/ADHD students.  She is currently studying at Griffith University in STEM foundations and leading on to a Bachelor of Education with a Special Needs major.


This seminar will be held using the video conferencing software Zoom. If you would like the link, please email sees.seminars@uq.edu.au