Cenozoic Paleoelevation history of the central Tibetan Plateau


Paleoelevation reconstruction is essential to understand the tectonic and geodynamic evolution of orogenic belts and plateaus. The topographic growth history of the central Tibetan Plateau has received intense research focus but contrasting paleoelevation estimates exist. This study reports the first stable hydrogen isotopic results of volcanic glasses from Tibet and uses the stable oxygen and hydrogen dual isotopic system to reconstruct paleoelevation. Combined with a critical review of previous paleoelevation estimates, this study discusses the paleoelevation history and potential geodynamic drivers for the central Tibetan Plateau.


Dr. Lin Li is a post-doctoral researcher at Rochester Institute of Technology, USA. He is a field-oriented sedimentary geologist with research interests mainly focused on the sedimentary-tectonic processes and paleoelevation history during orogenesis, as well as paleoclimate variations through time. He has worked in the Tibetan Plateau, Pamir mountains, and North American Cordillera, to explore the interplay between tectonics, topography, and paleoclimate.


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