Small and medium-sized cities in the Age of the Urban Triumph


A bourgeoning literature is stressing the crucial importance of agglomeration economies provided by large cities for personal, business and territorial development. As a consequence, urbanization in itself is considered a good development strategy and government investments are channeled towards large metropolitan areas at the expensive of small and medium-sized cities and their regions. This thinking ignores the importance of city network externalities, which form a complement to, and perhaps even a substitute for agglomeration externalities. In this talk, the concept of city network externalities is explored, the difficult measurement of these city networks addressed, and the empirical evidence for the existence of those network externalities assessed. Consequences for spatial development strategies will be discussed.


Evert Meijers is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands and Research Director of the Urbanism Department. He also lectures at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions and is a Trustee of the Urban Studies Foundation. His research focuses on how the spatial organization of cities and regions affects economic competitiveness, environmental sustainability and social well-being.


This seminar will be held using the video conferencing software Zoom. If you would like the link, please email