Using the ecosystem services concept in life cycle mine planning: from assessment to post-closure


The ecosystem services concept finds applications in several planning contexts. In impact assessment, it is credited with facilitating a more integrated appraisal of biophysical and social impacts and facilitating stakeholder engagement. This presentation will show applications of an ecosystem services approach in assessing environmental and social impacts of mining projects and in planning mine rehabilitation and closure. Examples are drawn from a review of international cases and from mines in Brazil and Australia. This research was supported by the São Paulo Research Foundation through various grants


Luis Sánchez is Professor of Mining Engineering at Escola Politécnica, University of São Paulo, Brazil. He teaches and researches environmental planning and management, with special interest in impact assessment. In addition to peer-reviewed papers, he coauthored three environmental good practices guidebooks for the mining industry, on 'Mine Closure Planning', 'Land Rehabilitation in Limestone Quarries' and 'Environmental Good Practices for Limestone Quarrying in Karst Areas'. He also authored a textbook on 'Environmental Impact Assessment: Concepts and Methods', published in Portuguese and in Spanish. He was an Invited Lecturer at the University of Montreal, Canada, and a Research Fellow at Murdoch University, Perth.


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